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Our Solutions

We provide software to diagnose NCR Personas and SelfServ ATMs, software which automatically authorises new USB Modules after installation in NCR SelfServ ATMs, and software for use in ATM Repair Centers to diagnose the health of NCR ATM Modules.

“NCR”, “Personas” & “SelfServ” are registered Trademarks of NCR. ATMdesk is independent from NCR and does not cooperate with NCR. ATMdesk products are not certified by NCR.

field service diagnostics

Field Service Diagnostics

...for NCR 56xx, 58xx Personas & 66xx SelfServ ATMs in the field, shows you which part is defective, displays M-Status & M-Data in clear text, and lists Error Logs & Tallies.

Saves you time to find defects, saves you on parts, helps reduce future calls and increases the overall uptime of your NCR ATMs in the field.

field service diagnostics

USB Device Authorisation

...automatically authorises new USB Devices after installation in NCR SelfServ 66xx ATMs.

Just install a new USB Device like a new USB Card Reader or a new USB EPP, run ATMdesk once on this machine and verify proper functionality, and the new USB Device will automatically be authorised for further use under NCR Windows and Aptra.

field service diagnostics

Repair Center Diagnostics

..diagnoses Modules from NCR 56xx, 58xx, & 66xx ATMs in stand alone mode, shows what is defective, and displays M-Status & M-Data in clear text.

Made for high volume throughput, tests devices in conveyor mode, saves you time to find defects, and documents proper functionality of each module after repair.

  • Ekkehard Fabel

    Key Account Sales
  • Nikolai Timonin

    President & CEO
  • „ATMdesk helps your engineers finding hardware issues, helps repairing them faster, and indicates potential future defects. This improves the overall uptime of the machines in the field.”

  • „ATMdesk is secure: it does not modify a single bit on your machine*, nor does it take a single bit from your machine, and it does not allow dispensing any cash**.“
    *except device authorisation **unless safe is open and cassette reinserted

Our Products

In order to run ATMdesk Diagnostic Software on NCR ATMs in the field or on PCs in your workshop, you will always need 3x items:

  • ATMdesk Key
  • ATMdesk License
  • ATMdesk Software

These 3x sections explain these 3x items in details.

Please contact us, if you are not sure which kind of keys, licenses and software to chose for your operation.

field service diagnostics

ATMdesk Keys

...are small USB Dongles, one per Engineer is recommended. They „hold“ the Field Service Diagnostic Licenses, can be re-loaded online with more licenses, and may be used for many years.

Our Repair Adapters „hold“ the Licenses for Repair Centers, so no separate key is necessary for Repairs.

field service diagnostics

ATMdesk Licenses

...provide the right to use or run our ATMdesk Software. A variety of different ATMdesk Licenses are available to meet the individual requirements of various kinds of customers.

Please contact us, should you require assistance to select the right License for your particular business case.

field service diagnostics

ATMdesk Software

...runs on NCR ATMs in the field in presence of an ATMdesk Key loaded with a valid Field Service License, or on Windows PCs in a workshop in presence of a Repair Adapter with a Repair Center License.

ATMdesk Software is updated regularly as new devices evolve, and made available for free download from this website.

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