USB device authorization

Automatically authorize new USB devices after installing them in NCR SelfServ ATMs.

Just replace the defective USB device - like dispenser, card reader, or printer. Then, run ATMdesk, and verify the proper function. Your new device is instantly authorized for further use under the NCR Aptra software platform.

What USB authorization is

USB authorization (also known as parts validation) is a feature of all modern NCR 66xx SelfServ ATMs. The NCR Aptra software platform rejects any new, installed USB device, unless this device is authorized for use in this ATM.

On a SelfServ ATM, you cannot simply change a broken device. The new device is disabled and listed as “Not Authorized (CE Required)” in the Device Status List menu of the NCR Aptra System Application.

How we can help

ATMdesk software can authorize new USB devices after installation in a SelfServ ATM.

This authorization feature has successfully replaced thousands of USB devices since its first release in 2010.

How it works

You can start ATMdesk for Field Service or reconnect all USB devices to the laptop that is running ATMdesk for Repair Centers. Then, you can quickly test the new device and authorize the USB.

When you start NCR Aptra, the new device is enabled, and you no longer see any messages in the Device Status List menu.

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