Migrating to ATMdesk X

To take advantage of our newest generation of ATM diagnostic software, find all you need to know to migrate from ATMdesk Version 8.

What is ATMdesk X?

ATMdesk X (Version 10) is our current release with a major redesign that supports upcoming new NCR ATM ranges (SelfServ 80 and ITMs) and devices (Media Handling 2.0):

Despite the major changes, the look and feel of ATMdesk Version 8 and its handling procedures remain largely the same.

  • ATMdesk X software for field service runs directly on the ATM (booting from a CD or USB), equivalent to ATMdesk/Field Version 8.
  • ATMdesk X software for repair centers is installed on a PC in a workshop, equivalent to ATMdesk/Repair Version 8. It also includes ATMdesk/Plus option.

Support for new devices, especially Media Handling 2.0 (S2, SDM2, BRM, or GBRU2) and SelfServ 80 ATMs, is limited to ATMdesk X. These devices cannot be supported by ATMdesk 8 software.

New ATMdesk USB keys

New USB keys (dongles) are required for use with ATMdesk X.

ATMdesk USB Key

When you use the USB keys with ATMdesk X software, you must insert the USB key into the USB port (not the PS/2 port). The USB key must remain inserted at all times, not just at start up. Otherwise, the key handling procedures (check-in and license loading) remain largely unchanged.

The new keys remain backward-compatible and can be used with ATMdesk 8 software, in both USB and PS/2 ports, if a compatible license is loaded on the key. This compatibility spares engineers from carrying two keys in case they have to use ATMdesk 8 software.

You cannot use ATMdesk X software with older ATMdesk USB keys that are supplied with ATMdesk 8.

New ATMdesk licenses

An extended range of licenses is available for use with ATMdesk X, primarily to cover the upcoming and new NCR ATM ranges and devices. When you load these licenses into the new USB key and use them with the ATMdesk X software, you can test the new ATM ranges and devices.

The new ATMs are not yet deployed on a significant scale. Therefore, demand for ATMdesk licenses without this extended function remains as is. The new range of licenses, therefore, includes ATMdesk/Pro under the same name and price.

Repair center licenses for ATMdesk X (/Workshop and /Lite) are no longer perpetual. They are available as a one-year time license only. Unlike ATMdesk 8, ATMdesk X for use in repair centers requires a USB key (dongle) instead of a USB-SDC adapter. The adapter is now optional and needed only when testing SDC devices.

  /Pro+                /Pro                 /Workshop /Lite   
Can be loaded into new ATMdesk USB keys
Can be loaded into old ATMdesk USB keys
Can be used with ATMdesk X software (Version 10) (1)
Can be used with ATMdesk/Field software (Version 8) (2)
Can be used with ATMdesk/Repair software (Version 8) (2,3) (3)
Supports NCR Personas (58xx) & SelfServ (66xx)
Supports NCR SelfServ80 (668x)
Supports Media Handling 2.0 devices (S2, SDM2, BRM)
Supports USB device authorization
  • (1) You must load the ATMdesk/Pro license onto the new key. The old keys are not compatible with the ATMdesk X software.
  • (2) You can use the ATMdesk/Pro+ license (loaded onto the new key), but it is recognized as ATMdesk/Pro by the ATMdesk 8 software.
  • (3) This combination was previously known as ATMdesk/Plus.

Do I have to migrate to ATMdesk X? Can I still use ATMdesk 8?

Do I have to replace my USB keys? Can I still use my old keys?

Will old USB keys still be available? Can I use new keys with ATMdesk 8?

Will licenses for ATMdesk 8 still be available? Can I use my remaining /Pro licenses?

Can my remaining /Pro licenses be upgraded to /Pro+?

Can /Pro licenses, when loaded to the new USB key, be used for testing S2?

Will /Repair licenses for ATMdesk 8 still be available?

Will /Repair licenses for ATMdesk X be available?

Will /Workshop licenses for ATMdesk X be perpetual?

Does ATMdesk X have any limitations compared to ATMdesk 8?

I still have old keys with unlimited /Pro licenses. Do I have any options?

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