ATMdesk licenses

These licenses provide the right to use ATMdesk software. We offer different licenses to meet the various requirements of individual customers.

If you need assistance in selecting the right ATMdesk license for your business, contact us for more details.

ATMdesk licenses for field service

Two types are available:

ATMdesk/Pro+ is for all currently supported NCR ATM models and devices, including SefServ 80 ATMs, Media Handling 2.0 devices and the S2 dispenser.

ATMdesk/Pro is only for classic 66xx SelfServ and older 53xx, 56xx, and 58xx Personas ATMs.

ATMdesk/Pro+ is a superset of ATMdesk/Pro and includes all devices that are supported by ATMdesk/Pro. To help you know which type to choose:

  • Select ATMdesk/Pro+ licenses if you have SelfServ 80 ATMs or ATMs with S2, SDM2, or BRM under service.
  • Select ATMdesk/Pro licenses if you have only classic SelfServ ATMs or older Personas, 53xx, or 56xx ATMs.

All field service licenses provide USB authorization for all devices that they support and are suitable for use on live NCR ATMs in the field.

ATMdesk licenses for repair centers

Two types are available:

ATMdesk/Workshop is for all currently supported NCR devices, including Media Handling 2.0 and the S2 dispenser.

ATMdesk/Lite is for only one selected type of device, such as dispensers, acceptors, card readers, or printers.

ATMdesk/Lite are a subset of ATMdesk/Workshop. There are several ATMdesk/Lite licenses, each suitable for one selected type of ATM modules. To help you know which type to choose:

  • Select ATMdesk/Workshop licenses if you deal with all types of ATM modules (typical for smaller workshops).
  • Select ATMdesk/Lite licenses if you have separate workplaces for different types of modules (typical for larger repair centers).

Repair center licenses do not provide USB authorization and are, therefore, not suitable for use on live NCR ATMs in the field.

Time or tickets

Field service licenses are available as time (one-year and one-month terms) or as tickets.

Time licenses are valid for a certain period of time. By choosing time licenses, you can use ATMdesk software as often as you want on as many NCR ATMs as you need within that period. A one-month (or one-year) license is valid from the date you load it to your USB key until the same day of the next calendar month (or year).

Ticket licenses allow on-demand use of ATMdesk software. One ticket is valid for one hour from the moment you activate it on the ATM. The next hour requires another ticket and so on. You can store tickets that are loaded into your USB key until you use them, whether today, next month, next year, or a few years from now.

The choice is a matter of economics. While time licenses are preferred for frequent use, ticket licenses cost less for casual use. Consider this guideline:

  • If each engineer responds to more than 8 to 10 service calls per month, choose time.
  • If each engineer responds to fewer than 8 to 10 service calls per month, choose tickets.

Repair center licenses are available as time (one-year term) only.


1-Year Pro+ License


1-Month Pro+ License


10x 1-Hour Pro+ Tickets

Can I use a field service license with repair center software?

Can I use repair center licenses with field service software?

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