Supported ATM hardware

ATMdesk supports nearly all devices found in NCR 56xx, 53xx, 58xx Personas and 66xx SelfServ ATMs.

ATM models

PC cores and motherboards

Cash dispensers

Envelope depositories

Acceptors and recyclers

Cheque processing

Card readers


Encrypting pin pads

Receipt and journal printers

Statement printers

Operator panels

Touch screens

Miscellaneous devices

  • * These devices are no more supported in ATMdesk X (Version 10) software and must be serviced using ATMdesk 8 software.
  • * These devices are not supported in ATMdesk 8 software and you must upgrade to ATMdesk X (Version 10) software.
  • * These are Media Handling 2.0 devices that require extended ATMdesk/Pro+ license (or a repair center license).

ATMdesk supports only the ATM devices that are listed previously. Devices that are not explicitly mentioned are currently not supported.
We are constantly working to improve device support, and we appreciate your requests to add new devices. Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that ATMdesk will support every device that is available.

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