Repair center diagnostics

Diagnose modules from NCR 58xx and 66xx ATMs in stand-alone mode right in your repair center.

Made for assembly lines and high-volume throughput, these diagnostic tests shorten the time that is necessary to find defects. After the repair is completed, you can print and attach a receipt to the module that confirms that it functions properly.

ATMdesk for Repair Centers

ATMdesk for Repair Centers runs on any Windows PC or laptop to test individual ATM modules on the desk, during the repair process in a workshop.

If you deal with ATM spare parts and repair ATM modules, ATMdesk for Repair Centers ensures that each refurbished device functions properly.

What it's for

By using ATMdesk for Repair Centers, you can test individual modules of NCR 53xx EasyPoint, 56xx and 58xx Personas, and 66xx SelfServ ATMs.

Since its first release in 2005, ATMdesk for Repair Centers has been installed and used in hundreds of ATM repair centers and workshops.

How it works in the workshop

You can install ATMdesk for Repair Centers on any Windows PC and use it like any other Windows application. The device under test is connected to the PC that runs the ATMdesk software. To test SDC devices from NCR Personas ATMs, you must purchase ATMdesk USB-SDC adapter separately.

USB-SDC Adapter

ATMdesk does not supply power adapters or communication cables. You must purchase them from a third-party vendor or take from an NCR ATM.

How it works in the field

When you use ATMdesk for Repair Centers in the field, you must bring your laptop with ATMdesk installed. You reconnect the ATM devices to the laptop and then test them normally. Depending on your ATM configuration, USB-SDC or USB-serial adapters might be required.

This option is especially valuable when the ATM cannot start ATMdesk for Field Service, such as for a broken PC core or disabled startup from external media.

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