ATMdesk keys

These small USB dongles hold ATMdesk licenses. Every engineer who needs ATMdesk diagnostics needs an ATMdesk key.

These reusable keys can be loaded and reloaded online with more licenses when expired.

ATMdesk USB keys

ATMdesk USB Key

ATMdesk keys are small USB dongles where your ATMdesk licenses are stored. A key with a valid license must be present in the USB port at all times while running the ATMdesk software.

To load a license to the key, you log in to your online customer account, insert the key, and follow the instructions that are displayed in the browser.

The key includes a small USB disk where you can write a bootable image of ATMdesk for Field Service, so that ATM can boot ATMdesk software directly from the USB key.

ATMdesk USB-SDC adapters

USB-SDC Adapter

ATMdesk USB-SDC adapters are optional devices that interface with a proprietary NCR SDC bus.

The USB-SDC adapter is required to connect SDC modules from NCR Personas ATMs to a PC that is running ATMdesk for Repair Centers.

This adapter is not required when you run ATMdesk for Field Service directly on an NCR Personas ATM, because SDC devices are already connected via the SSPA board.

What is a USB Key Check-In?

ATMdesk USB keys are handled online through your ATMdesk customer account. You log in and then insert your USB key, which is a process called a check-in. During the check-in, you can load or reload your license from your account to your key, set or reset your PIN, or configure additional settings.

If you do not need to change anything in your key, you must still check-in the key at least once every three months. The ATMdesk software does not accept keys that are not checked-in for more than three months, until you check them in online again.

This mandatory procedure ensures that, if your key goes missing, our support team can recover the remaining license from the lost key and put it on another key. Considering the cost of the most expensive ATMdesk license, key check-in works as free insurance. That is, if you lose your key, you only lose a piece of hardware, not your license.


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  • ATMdesk USB Key (Dongle)
  • ATMdesk USB Key (Dongle)

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  • ATMdesk USB-SDC Adapter
  • ATMdesk USB-SDC Adapter

Can I load different types of licenses to the same key?

Can I recover my license from a lost or stolen key?

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