ATMdesk 8.3 released - USB Dispenser EE, USB PCI 3.0 EPP and more !!! Download now !!!

ATMdesk - NCR ATM Diagnostic Solution

ATMdesk is a complete replacement for NCR ATM hardware diagnostics.

  • No NCR FE Key (Floppy or USB) is required.
  • No NCR Diagnostic Status Code book is required.
  • No additional software to install on ATM's hard disk.

ATMdesk is completely independent from NCR Corp. - in particular

  • NCR Corp. does not cooperate in any way with ATMdesk resp. vs. vs.
  • NCR Corp. has not endorsed nor certified any of our ATMdesk products 
  • All other represenations are incorrect and not supported here by ATMdesk  

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ATMdesk 8.3
Release available:
USB Dispenser EE
PCI 3.0 UEPP (INTL_61)
UEPP Removal Switches Reset
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New in ATMdesk 8:
Auto-protect feature
New PC Cores
Scalable Deposit Module

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