Repair Center Diagnostics

...diagnoses Modules from NCR 56xx, 58xx, & 66xx ATMs in stand alone mode, shows what is defective, and displays M-Status & M-Data in clear text.
Made for high volume throughput, tests devices in conveyor mode, saves you time to find defects, and documents proper functionality of each module after repair.

ATMdesk Software for Repair Centers

...or ATMdesk/Repair for short, runs on any normal Windows PC or Laptop. It is designed to test individual ATM modules "on the desk" during the repair process in a workshop. Thus ATMdesk/Repair is ideal for companies dealing with ATM spareparts and repairing ATM modules.

ATMdesk/Repair comes with Repair (USB-to-SDC) Adapter to connect SDC devices to the PC's USB port.

When necessary, ATMdesk Software for Repair Centers can also be used in the field: simply bring your laptop with ATMdesk/Repair to the ATM in the field, connect to 56xx's & 58xx's SDC bus via Repair Adapter or directly to 66xx‘s USB devices and test the ATM.

Testing ATM in the field using ATMdesk/Repair can be especially useful if the ATM cannot boot ATMdesk/Field for any reason (broken PC Core or disabled boot from external media).

What is it for?

ATMdesk/Repair is designed to test individual modules of NCR 53xx (Easypoint), 56xx, 58xx (Personas) & 66xx (SelfServ) ATMs and is installed and used in hundreds of NCR ATM Repair Centers and Workshops since its first release in 2005.

ATMdesk Plus Adapter

Please note: ATMdesk/Repair only comes with USB-to-SDC Adapter. ATMdesk/Repair does not include power supplies or communication cables for your devices. Power and cabling for the devices under test must be provided locally.

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