Feature Comparison

ATMdesk is an independent diagnostic software for NCR ATMs, which replaces the proprietary NCR diagnostic software. ATMdesk's functionality often exceeds the functionality of the proprietary NCR diagnostic software.

ATMdesk NCR FE Diagnostics
Supports NCR 56xx
Supports NCR 58xx Personas
Supports NCR 53xx EasyPoint
Supports NCR 66xx SelfServ
Operating system Linux Windows
Time to start-up, min 2-3 < 1 (ATM on), 5-15 (ATM off)
Hardware Key required
Runs directly on ATM, no additional PC / laptop
No additional hardware to connect to ATM
"In-Depth" device diagnostics
"One-Touch" device tests
"One-Touch" ATM test
EPP Encryptor diagnostics
Test result print / save
MSTATUS in clear text
MDATA in clear text
ATM Error Logs display
ATM Device Tallies display
Logs and tallies print / save

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