Customer Benefits

ATMdesk Software for Field Service as well as for Repair Centers is designed to make everyday task of ATM maintenance easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever.

Benefits for Service Companies

  • Save on blind visits to an ATM just to swap apparently broken part.
  • Save on repetitive visits to the same ATM over and over again.
  • Save on expensive and often unavailable NCR FE Key.
  • Forget about looking for proprietary NCR Status Code book.
  • Buy gradually as many ATMdesk Licenses as required.
  • Get immediate feedback from ATMdesk's Support Team.

Benefits for Field Engineers

  • Find defective devices quicker.
  • Find exactly which device is defective.
  • Find exactly what the device failure is.
  • M-Status / M-Data are fully decoded.
  • Investigate ATM error logs / tallies for problem prevention.
  • Print detailed reports - what was found and what was fixed.

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