ATMdesk X

New generation of ATM Diagnostic Software

What is ATMdesk X

ATMdesk X (“V10”) is a major internal redesign allowing future support of upcoming new NCR ATM ranges (SelfServ 80, ITM) and devices (Media Handling 2.0).

Despite major internal changes, the usual ATMdesk look & feel and handling procedures will remain largely the same.

  • There will be ATMdesk X version for running directly on the ATM (booting from CD or USB), equivalent to ATMdesk/Field V8.
  • There will be ATMdesk X version for installation on a PC in a repair centre, equivalent to ATMdesk/Repair V8. This will include current ATMdesk/Plus functionality.

Please note that support for new devices, especially Media Handling 2.0 (S2, SDM2, BRM/GBRU2) will be limited to ATMdesk X software; this support cannot be made available to current (V8) software.

New ATMdesk USB Keys (dongles)

There will be completely new USB Key (dongle) required for use with ATMdesk X.

When used with ATMdesk X software, the key must be connected to USB port (not PS/2 port) and must remain connected at all times (not just at start-up). Otherwise key handling procedures (check-in and license loading) will remain largely unchanged.

The new key will remain backward compatible and can be used with current (V8) software, in both USB and PS/2 ports. This will spare engineers from carrying two keys in case they have to use V8 software; and spare the customer from buying two licenses to load in both keys.

Please note that current ATMdesk USB keys cannot be used with ATMdesk X software.

New ATMdesk Licenses

There will be an extended range of licenses available for use with ATMdesk X, primarily to cover upcoming new NCR ATM ranges and devices.

When loaded to new USB key and used with ATMdesk X software, these extended licenses will allow testing these new ATM ranges and devices.

It is recognized that demand for current ATMdesk licenses without this extended functionality will remain for a long time because new ATMs are not yet deployed on significant scale. The new range of licenses will therefore include current ATMdesk /Pro licenses under the same name and the same price.

ATMs Devices Usable with software Loadable to Pricing, $
PersonaS SelfServ SelfServ+(1) “Classic” ATM Devices Media Handling 2.0(2) USB Part Validation ATMdesk/Field (V8) ATMdesk/Repair (V8) ATMdesk X (V10) Old Key New Key Tickets, from(7) Months, from(7) Years, from(7)
/Pro+ + + + + + + +(4) +(4) + + 8.90 120 800
/Pro + + + + + +(3) +(5) + + 5.70 90 600
/Workshop+ + + + + + + + 550
/Workshop + + + + + 450
/Lite ±(6) ±(6) + + 150
(1) “SelfServ+” collectively names new NCR ATM ranges, in particular ITMs and SelfServ 80
(2) “Media Handling 2.0” from NCR are new cash devices, in particular S2, SDM2 and BRM/GBRU2
(3) This combination is currently known as ATMdesk/Plus
(4) /Pro+ license can be used with V8, but will be recognized as /Pro by V8 software
(5) /Pro license can be used with V10 only if loaded to new key; old keys are incompatible to V10 software
(6) /Lite licenses are valid only for one selected type of modules (e.g. only dispensers or only printers etc.)
(7) Volume discounts apply as given below (equivalent pro rata discounts apply for other types of licenses)

Please note that repair centres licenses for ATMdesk X (/Workshop and /Lite) are no longer perpetual. They will be sold as 1-Year licenses only (no Months or Tickets option) and require new USB key to be loaded to. Therefore, ATMdesk X for use in repair centres will require USB Key (dongle) to be connected at all times (instead of USB-SDC adapter). USB-SDC adapter will be optional and only required for testing SDC devices.

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